The next Family Office (FO) evening seminar will address the issue of how FOs gain assurance that the assets they manage for their families are protected and where the risks are when doing this.

How do FOs gain assurance over the title and existence of the family's assets? How do they know if there are adequate financial controls over such things as bank signatories and authorisations, expense procedures, recording of liabilities and checks to prevent fraud? How do FOs gain comfort that their financial records are properly prepared and reflect a full picture of the family's wealth. How is this clearly and appropriately reported to the family? How do FOs identify where their key risks lie for any given family or situation and what is the FO's exposure if issues do arise?  When running an investment portfolio for a family, how do FOs assess counter party risk and ensure that investments are continuously reassessed and bench marked to maintain asset protection?  These are all questions that many FOs struggle with every day and our seminar will provide a forum in which concerns can be aired and solutions discussed.  

We very much hope you will be able to join us.  To register please click on the Registration Form button on the right.