Details on the presentations/workshops will follow in due course.

See below for the presentations/workshop content from last year.

Day 2

Intoduction to geology and exploration
Dr Edmund Sides - AMEC

Optimising value extraction from your mineral source
Liv Carroll - Wardell Armstrong International Ltd


Mining key accounting principles
Nigel Comello, Nick Box



Developments in accounting and financial reporting in mining
Jason Burkitt, Mary Dolson, Iain Selfridge

From vulnerable to valuable - managing supply chain risk
Matt Elkington & Andy Jenkins

Reporting matters: communicating the measures that move markets
Jennifer Sisson, Janet Kerr

Raising capital for mining projects
Clifford Tompsett, Mark Binney, Katya Kuznetsova



Tax transparency and country by country reporting - explaining your tax affairs
Andrew Packman, Ian Bowden, Stuart MacPherson, Tom Dane



Transfer pricing - key developments relevant to your business
Andrew Casley, Kevin Norton



Managing tax distputes
Christopher Nason, Darcy White and Fernando Lopez Martinez



Total Impact Measurement & Management: maximising business and community value creation
Alan McGill, Jose Retana, Howard Risby



Ethical business conduct - is this the Holy Grail?
Tracey Groves, Helen Reeve


Growing mining margins
Nick James, Tristan Ranger


Mining valuation modelling: how to get it right
Thomas Romberg, Nazim Uddin, Jaqueline Chow