Day 2

Intoduction to mining 1
Dr Edmund Sides, Dr Miguel Diaz - AMEC


Introduction to mining 2
Dr Edmund Sides, Dr Miguel Diaz, AMEC


The mining life cycle - key accounting principles
Nigel Comello, Usman Khowaja


Developments in accounting and financial reporting in mining
Jason Burkitt, Iain Selfridge


Corporate reporting
Lucy Crofts, Peter Acloque, Jennifer Sisson


Access to capital
Clifford Tompsett, Katya Kuznetsova



Deal execution and valuation drivers
Mark Binney, Jackie Chow, Jonathan Lee


Corporate taxation
Andrew Packman, Nicola Corp, Andrew Casley



Employee compensation - reward and taxation considerations
Paul Wolstenholme, Peter Stack


Tax - country focus
Linda Beal, David Tarimo, Alexei Smirnov, Robert Smallwood, Fernando Lopez Martinez



Sustainability reporting and stakeholder engagement
Mark Thompson, Jose Retana, Howard Risby


Bribery and corruption
Will Kenyon, Nick van Benschoten

Risk, including commodities trading risk
Paul Ward, Matt Elkington